Graffiti Revolution

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Where dictators rule and in this case long term suppression of its people is the country policy, a revolution is bound to happen and waiting for it’s opportune moment. The first signals are generally seen in the streets with lyrics written in graffiti.

Graffiti Artist Ronald Duikersloot was fascinated by this fact and in Dec 2010 the action one man, a man called Mohamed Bouazizi from Tunisia started to ignite the next phase and his action started the entire Arab Spring! (Click here for more info on Bouazizi and the dictators)

Duikersloot started a global graffiti project in 2011 to support the uprise of the people, globally launched a symbol called ‘The Fist’ to graffiti artist around the globe. The project continued on Facebook and evolved into a platform where these revolutionary graffiti can be seen and supported. The project had its success, there has been several exhibitions, over 80 graffiti artists joint in during a graffiti festival, interviews were published in 56 countries, photos were send in from around the world etc etc. On this website is some authentiek work created for exhibitions combined with send in material/murals from around the world. This is history in the make and it’s working so please support them on

Note: If you have Revolution photos please keep sending them to since this project is ongoing.






Various signs of a Revolution